Possible Origin of Name Gilgo.

According to an Old Legend, sometime soon after the Civil War was concluded, a family named Burch lived on the Mainland South of Gilgo Inlet.

They had a Son, famous for his Prowess as a Fisherman, his name was Gill Burch.

When Neighbors wanted to make sure of a Good Catch, they would decide to Go where "Gill Goes."

Where Gill Goes came to be Gilgo; a place that delivers Waves, Sunshine, Good Fishing and Easy Going Vibes.

Info from "What's in a Name!", by Douglas Tuomey.
If anyone has any other stories, theories, tales or legends concerning Gilgo Beach, please let us know.

Hurricane of 38
Gilgo Inn 2007
Robert Moses


Gilgo LSS Station Gilgo, New York

First referred to as Oak Island, west end USLSS Station #27, Third District Coast Guard Station #85
Location: West end of Oak Island; 40-37' 20"N x 73-22' 20"W

Date of Conveyance: 1849
Station Built: 1853 (?)
Fate: Discontinued 1917


A station was built at Gilgo ("west end of Oak Island") in 1853, although the date is uncertain.
In 1882, this station was referred to as the "Oak Island, west end station" and the name change appeared the next year
(effective June 1, 1883). It was extensively repaired and improved in 1888. After 1917, the station
disappears completely from the records; it was one of nine discontinued at the outbreak of World War I.

The first two keepers were James Zachariah (appointed in 1853) and Ebenezer
Chichester (appointed 1856); the terms of office of neither of these is known. Prior
Weeks was appointed at the age of 58 (with experience as a surfman, sailor, etc.)
on July 3, 1869, and served until his resignation effective December 1, 1877 ("or
when suitable replacement can be found").

Then came Frank E. Wicks (November 20, 1877 until October 14, 1885),
William e. Austin (November 2, 1885 until his death "from disease contracted in line of duty" on January 30, 1909),
Israel Van Nostrand (appointed March 6, 1909 until his reassignment to the Long Beach station on April 4, 1917).

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